On April 14, 2015, the word was agog with a variety of events (solidarity rallies, seminars,  media campaigns etc) to commemorate the first anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok school girls.
CEE-HOPE similarly held a seminar and a rally for our teenagers and children in Makoko, Lagos' biggest slum. 

 The one-day event attracted more several children and teenagers mainly from across the various Makoko sub-communities where CEE-HOPE works with vulnerable girls and children. It also had in attendants girls from the Sagbokoji community in nearby Eti-Osa Local Government Area where CEE-HOPE also started a new ‘Triple G’ Girl Empowerment club.
At hand to inspire the children were youth leaders, community leaders, CEE-HOPE mentors and others. There were also music performance on the theme of the Chibok girls and the need to inspire hope for the African child.

*CEE-HOPE remains resolute  and unequivocal in her demand, and in unison with the rest of the world, we still reinstate the global stand: #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS Now and Alive.

 *We ask political leaders, security agencies in Nigeria and indeed across the world to work assiduously towards the safe return of the #ChibokGirls.
*We suggest that their unconditional and safe return should be the priority of the incoming Nigerian government.  
We urge the government, present and incoming to henceforth make the safeguarding of defenceless Nigerian children in educational institutions and indeed everywhere a major policy priority.

Education should never be a crime. Girls, children and indeed everyone everywhere is entitled, by international laws, to study in environments that are safe from threats, harassment or harm and the Chibok girls and indeed, children in Nigeria should never be an exception.

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  1. My immediate Solutions

    1. Ban porn for age below 16 .. Monitor it any cost .
    2. Educating the masses .. Not text book education
    3. More vigilance .. Be it police , video cams .
    4. Karate course for girls
    5. Girls should not be seen as burden .. Abolishing dowry system could help .. but it is easy to say , but tough to implement .
    6. Dont go out after 11 pm .. Dont say i am setting rules again .. i am a guy and even i can't roam around open after 11pm .. i know incidents from Marina beach chennai where men itself were stabbed .. With too much crime around , it is better to be safe inside.
    7. Punish the culprits .. No just the Rape cases , but ever case .. Indian Judiciary is in real bad state .. Salman khan is best example for that .. Damn he has at-least a crore people fans

    I used to think legalizing prostitution might solve .. But when i started reading articles and news about rapes in western countries .. i understood even that might not solve it .. And it can open a new set of issues .

    Lastly dont generalize every one ..

    The way you wrote the Hyderabad to Khammam in a Volvo bus incident .. You could tell he was going to do some thing for sure .. you wrote as if every guy who sits next to girl at night time travel in a bus does mistakes .. It is as if what i did was wrong .. damn i never touched anyway in my all this years of travel .. was that a mistake .. please dont generalize . It is a very problematic thing in India that people generalize .. They see as if every guy harasses women which is not so ..
    GE 10S